Lesser Evilists

You can smell them before they even enter the room, the unmistakable stench of fear and cowardice. With the election just a little more than a year away, the Obama camp appears to be sending their zombie loyalists into various progressive chat rooms, to push the notion that although Obama may well be the worst president in history, although he’s catered almost exclusively to the interests of the rich at the expense of the poor and middle class, that we should vote for him in 2012.

These same apologists were evident back in 2008, although their job was easier then because Obama was still largely an unknown quantity. The majority of progressives bought into his rhetoric and ignored the warning signs — such as his vote for the FISA bill and his insistence that Afghanistan was a war worth fighting. Only a few of us smelled  a rat and we were soundly excoriated for our negative views of the former senator from Illinois. The Lesser Evilists of 2008 said, “Well, we know he’s not perfect, but he’s soooo much better than McCain and that dreadful Palin creature, we just have to vote for him.”

Gruesome as McCain-Palin was, I didn’t buy the Lesser Evilist argument and voted for Nader. I was hoping that my friends would be correct about Obama and that I was merely being too cynical, but deep in my gut I knew there was something off about him. I didn’t like the way he seemed to come from out of nowhere, and I didn’t like the way the corrupt corporate media took a liking to him.

But now, three years later, just about everybody in the progressive community understands that they were suckered by a very clever con artist. They see that Mr. Obama, despite being labeled “liberal” by the media maggots, isn’t liberal at all. He’s a center-right Republican. When this year’s crop of Lesser Evilists come into the chat rooms and boards, they are normally drummed out of the room, vilified and accused (correctly) of having no principles.

Since there’s no way they can hold up Obama as anything more than a “lesser evil” to most of the Republican lunatics currently grabbing the spotlight, their favorite talking point is “think about another conservative justice on the Supreme Court.” If that isn’t designed the frighten the crap out of any liberal, I don’t know what is.

Of course, it’s a false argument since, if they had any spine at all, the Democrats could stop any right-wingnut judge from being confirmed. The Fascist-Five are all there because Democrats failed to stand for their principles. Why? Because they, like the Republicans, are bought and sold whores for the corporate elites. They stand for nothing except what their corporate pimps tell them to stand for.

When this is pointed out to the Lesser Evilists, they generally shut up and withdraw from the debate. What else can they say once that specious argument is gone? Since neither of Obama’s uninspired appointees to the high court can be considered liberals, it hardly seems likely that in a second term he’ll appoint anyone even slightly left of center.

A growing consensus of progressives (myself included) seems to have decided to abandon Mr. Obama and vote third-party, even if that means electing someone like Bachmann or Perry. Their thinking is that with such a repugnant Republican in the Oval Office, it will be easier to rally the Left in opposition. Also, it would send an important signal to the compromised slime that heads the Democratic Party that if they want to keep proffering DLC-sanctioned candidates like Obama, their base will kick them in the ass. So long as the Democrats can assume that no matter how odiously Blue Dog their presidential candidate may be, the base won’t risk getting a Republican elected and will return to the fold, nothing will change.

In the past that has been true. But Obama is such an inept, treacherous character, I’m not sure it will hold water next year. Political discourse in the United States has moved so far to the Right in the U.S. that a transparently fascist stooge like Obama is actually considered liberal. But that also puts the Republican Party at the mercy of ultra-right maniacs. Nowhere in this spectrum is there an actual progressive or leftist because that entire segment of the political spectrum has been eliminated from the public dialogue.

So why should a liberal, a true progressive, hold his/her nose and vote for someone as obviously conservative as Obama? Fear appears to be the only reason the Lesser Evilists can concoct since, try as they might, there’s precious little they can produce to generate even a shred of enthusiasm for their candidate.

Anyone still harboring the illusion that the Obama presidency is much more than Bush’s third term should visit http://stpeteforpeace.org/obama.html and read the document carefully. It’s time to send a powerful, unified message to the Democrats that progressives will no longer lend their support until such time as they can come up with a candidate that at least approximates some of our views. Re-electing a fraud like Obama is an exercise in futility. And the only way we’ll ever get the change we so much desire is to do something different.

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