republican-free living – 1

Those of you who read my “About” page know that for a little over 10 years I’ve lived a Republican-free life. Though it was very costly for me to rid myself of these wretches, I’ve never regretted the decision. Although a few of the Republican acquaintances I banished were curious as to why, most of them took their exile without a peep. I think that’s because, deep down, Republicans understand that they are disreputable souls, no matter how much wealth or status they have and do not deserve to associate with people who seek to lead ethical and compassionate lives.

The first thing I noticed once the Republicans were gone from my life was an almost total absence of negative stereotyping and racism. Although some Republicans are subtler than others in this regard, it has been my experience that one doesn’t have to scratch too deeply beneath the surface to find their bigotry. Without Republicans around me, the put-downs, name-calling, racist stereotoypes and accusations, and belittling of the poor all disappeared from conversation. It was a good feeling.

The next thing I noticed was that the tone of my conversations changed. Many Republicans are angry, combative people who like nothing more than arguing their absurdly simplistic views of the universe. Because so little of their arguments are based on fact, they instead raise their voices and shout down those who oppose their views, often resorting to ad hominem attacks when all else fails. Once the Republicans were gone from my space, the shouting stopped completely and people began to discuss issues based on facts rather than lies and distortions. I wish I had a dollar for every time a Republican tossed an outright lie into an argument to abort a conversation they were losing. They’ll stop at nothing in order to win.

While not every Republican is a sociopath, my hunch is that the vast majority of them are. Their ruthless “me first” attitude and sense of entitlement are usually obvious to anyone who spends more than a few minutes with them. Ironically, many of them view themselves as Christians, despite the fact that their behavior is completely antithetical to that particular deity. While they someimes do give to charity, they tend to like a spotlight on their beneficence, apparently feeling that acts of compassion are “good publicity.” Despite occasional acts of seeming generosity the predominant attitude (and I’ve heard literally dozens of Republicans say something to this effect) is “I’ve gone mine, screw everyone else.”

The worst Republicans of all, of course, are those who combine selfishness, rage, religion, and a prideful ignorance. Nowadays these lowlifes are called “teabaggers” Because I live in a cosmopolitan environment, I’ve only run into a couple of these creatures, and I pity those of you living in less sophisticated areas who must run into them on a daily basis. They truly are a dangerous group of social misfits, but the corporate media loves to give them exposure far beyond what their importance warrants. These are the modern-day equivalent of Hitler’s Brown Shirts and they should be regarded by liberals with caution and deep suspicion. While it is comforting to note that a recent poll showed that teabaggers are less popular than atheists and liberals, they are the mentally unbalanced “crazies” of the Republican Party and are potentially quite violent.

By exorcising these demons from your circle of friends, colleagues, and businesses, you’ll discover a sense of liberation you may not think possible. Self-centered, arrogant, hyper-pious people represent a lesser order of human evolution and just being around them can bring you down. If you want peace, I highly recommend a Republican-free life.


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